When it comes to finding the news you can count on and trust completely these days, there really aren't a lot of options. When you consider the fact that more and more news organizations tend to push certain angles, are owned by massive companies, or even have ties with donors or shareholders who might have an agenda, then you know the news you are reading might just be glorified sponsored content or biased stories. That's why you should consider the following promises from Bexley Chronicle.


While anyone can try to play devil's advocate and it might be fun to try and understand things from an overall point of view rather than just telling the viewers and readers what to think, Bexley Chronicle does not push a viewpoint at you. We believe you are intelligent enough to make your own decisions, and we also realize that those decisions may differ from time to time. That's why we promise to stick with the facts and let you sort them out to generate your own opinion.


Relevancy isn't just about staying current; it is also about covering what is important. While other networks will focus on squirrels who are water skiing or dog fashion shows, we understand our viewers and readers want to hear the issues. Furthermore, when sensitive issues are being minimized or even downright ignored by the other organizations, we will do our best to bring the up to the minute truths about things the other networks don't want you to hear. It is our goal and our mission to make sure if something is important then you will hear about it here first.


Even though some news networks can specialize in certain areas (fashion, sports, religion, and etc.), we know that people want to know many things. It shouldn't be about having to find different networks and sources for different types of media. The fact of the matter is, as long as people are talking about something and as long as it seems important, then you should and will be able to hear about it here first.

Thank you to our friends

We wanted to also thank the people who make our newspaper possible. One of the main companies that we want to thank is Sell That Car. The company is an automotive startup in San Diego and they love our paper and have donated enough to keep us going for quite some time help us show some appreciation and check out their site here. Another company that has been a big help to us is the Orange county Tribune they've been instrumental in our growth giving us guidance when we needed it. Thank you so much guys we really appreciate your assistance in making the Bexley Chronicle possible.